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Moving to Canada from Florida – Should I keep our investments with our US broker?


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I’ve been an avid reader of your blog for years and have found your insights on cross-border tax matters invaluable.… Read more...

How to get an ITIN for a US investment account as a Canadian?

It’s very common for Canadians to receive an inheritance from a US relative. In these cases some of the inheritance might come in the form of regular investment accounts or retirement accounts such as IRAs or ROTH IRAs.… Read more...

Tax withholdings on RRSP withdrawal to Italy


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I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to follow up on the message I left on chat and provide more context about my situation and inquiries.


US Social Security Payments to Canadian


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I have very much enjoyed watching your You Tube episodes…very informative and helpful! Thank you so much!… Read more...

Moving to Vancouver from the US, need help with investments and future inheritance



I got your name from XXXXX and you seem to be the perfect person to help me. Please let me know how I can book some time in with you soon as I would like to take care of this as soon as I can.… Read more...

Is the 2024 Biden budget proposal dead on arrival?


The recently released FY2024 Budget proposal by President Biden calls for $3 trillion in deficit reduction through tax increases on corporations and wealthy individuals.


Moving to Canada? Make this mistake and you might pay Canadian tax on stock losses

How is it possible that someone would pay Canadian taxes on stock losses? Well, it absolutely is…

Under Canadian tax law, when individuals move to Canada (section 128.1(1)) their worldwide assets (excluding some specific type of Canadian assets) are “deemed to be disposed” and “reacquired” at the fair market value on the day they become a Canadian tax resident.… Read more...

House committee releases 845 page report on January 6th attack on the Capital


The House of Representatives’ Select Committee on the Events of January 6th released its final report today on the investigation into the 2021 insurrection at the US Capitol.… Read more...