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Each year I help over 500 clients file their Canadian and US tax returns as well as plan for both their Canadian and US investment accounts. I also regularly help new US clients plan for their move to Canada.

Feel free to reach out via email at phil@philhogan.com or by phone or text here 250-661-9417.

Phil Hogan is a Partner of Hutcheson and Co LLP Chartered Professional Accountant specializing in Canadian and US cross border taxation and financial planning. To view the cross border tax and planning services Phil offers please visit his profile page here.

Phil Hogan, CPA

Cross Border tax and financial planner - Phil Hogan, CPA

Phil also helps clients plan for their cross border investments. Whether it’s transferring IRAs to Canada or planning for investments in the US before moving up to Canada Phil has seen it all. If you have questions about your Canadian investments, US investments or inheritances please reach out to Phil at the contact information below.


When he is not helping clients navigate through their cross border tax, financial issues or marketing plans Phil enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 children in beautiful Mill Bay BC.

The best way to reach Phil is via email at phil@philhogan.com or on his phone at 250-661-9417.