Canadian Immigration Solutions for Americans w/Elizabeth Long – Ep.21


On episode #21 of Crossing the 49th Podcast I am joined by Elizabeth Long from Long Mangalji immigration as she discusses Canadian Immigration Solutions for Americans.


Topics discussed include ways to come to Canada to work or study, avenues for obtaining permanent residence, tips on sponsoring your spouse and what to do if your application is denied. You can reach Elizabeth via email at or via phone at 416-548-9101. You can also sign up for her Canadian immigration newsletter here:

Topics discussed today: 0:00 Intro 4:11 Immigration status in Canada 7:50 Citizenship 11:01 Spousal sponsorship 14:57 When should you apply for spousal sponsorship? 18:18 In- Canada v. Overseas 21:04 Permanent residence – Economic programs 35:20 Pathway for international workers 36:02 Pathway for international students 39:22 Pathway for entrepreneurs 42:40 Express entry 44:19 Express entry programs 45:36 Comprehensive ranking systems 50:53 Provincial nominee program 56:55 Work permits 1:01:07 Net steps 1:07:29 Outro

You can also download the Canadian immigration presentation slides for the webcast here.

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