Cross Border Tax Q&A – Giving up a Green Card and US/Canada Taxes

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Hello there

My husband and I are planning on moving to Vancouver next year between October and December. My husband is a Citizen of the US and I am a Green Card holder. I’ll be receiving Social Security payment while in Canada and some investment income. I understand (from reading your website) that green card holders are also required to file a US tax return. I’m considering giving up my green card to avoid having to file both a Canadian and US tax return.

If I do give up my green card will I have to file a US return still for my social security?

Hope you can help with my tax questions.





The short answer to your question is no. You won’t have to file a US tax return if you relinquish your US green card. In fact, your social security income would only be taxable in Canada even if you were a US citizen or green card holder.

I would suggest that you consider keeping your green card and the possibility of naturalizing into Citizenship before entering Canada. In most cases filing a dual Canadian/US return (especially in your situation) is not terribly complicated or expensive. Considering that your husband is a citizen it would be a shame to lose your citizenship opportunity while you had it. Once you give up your green card there’s no way of getting it back.

Hope that helps


Phil Hogan, CA

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10 years ago

Hi, I have held a US Green Card since 2005. I moved to Singapore two years ago and have no plans to return, so that I might relinquish my Green Card. If I do that, what is going to happen to the moneys accumulated in my Social Security Account? Shall I keep paying taxes in the US after I relinquish? I have a property in the US, what would happen to it, can I keep it?