House committee releases 845 page report on January 6th attack on the Capital


The House of Representatives’ Select Committee on the Events of January 6th released its final report today on the investigation into the 2021 insurrection at the US Capitol.

The report, which spans over 845 pages, details the events of the day and provides new information on the investigations into the attack. The report found that the insurrection was premeditated and planned in advance, and that the attack was “intended to interfere with the peaceful transfer of presidential power.”

The report also concluded that the attack was instigated by former President Donald Trump and his allies, who “repeatedly issued false statements” about the election results and made other inflammatory remarks that encouraged the insurrectionists.

The report also found that the Capitol Police and other law enforcement agencies were unprepared for the attack, due in part to intelligence failures and a lack of coordination between agencies.

The report has been referred to the Department of Justice, which is expected to continue the investigation into the attack and bring charges against those responsible. The report also recommends that Congress pass legislation to strengthen security measures and prevent similar events from occurring in the future.


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