How do I file my late US tax returns as a Canadian resident?




I’ve lived in Canada for over 22 years and I haven’t filed a US tax return since I moved here (Ontario). Is the IRS going to want 22 years of tax returns filed? I don’t think I could even find any information more than 10 years back.

I’ll take any help you can offer, thanks.




No, you won’t have to file 22 years of tax returns with the IRS. You should however catch up on your returns by filing the last 6 years of US tax returns under the IRS’s amnesty provisions.

In most cases (as long as all your income is Canadian source) you won’t pay any additional US tax. You will simply have to file the last 6 years of tax returns.

Also note that if you had signing authority on any accounts in aggregate $10,000 for any of the last 6 years you’ll have to file forms TDF 90-22.1.

Also, if you held any RRSPs or RRIFs during these years you’ll also have to file forms 8891 and form 3520 for any TSFA accounts.

Hope that helps and give me a call if you need me to prepare the late US tax returns and all related schedules.



Phil Hogan, CA


  1. I have been a permanent resident of Canada for 14 years. I have three beautiful children and a lovely Canadian wife of 17 years.

    My question is, I am inquiring about paying us taxes. I was not to clear on this issue till it has been brought to my attention by a friend of mine.

    I have worked for the government of Alberta for solicitor general as a correctional peace officer for the past 11 years and before that as a plumber apprentice. If it is mandatory that I file us taxes what forms do I use and how far back would I need to go and would I be penalized for being late? Could you be of assistance in answering these for me?


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