Kilometers for Kids – December 2021


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What is Kilometres for Kids?

KM for kids is an idea I’ve been thinking about for some time. Simply put, it’s a charitable initiative that combines running with sponsored donations and pledges in an attempt to raise money for children charities. At the moment, in order to test the initiative, I will be the only one running to raise money.

This could change in the future, however for simplicity I’ve chosen to support Canada’s Children’s Hospital Foundation for the first campaign during December.

Why am I doing this?

Now that my business has matured somewhat, my kids have grown up a little and need much less of my attention than before (they grow up way too fast!) I have much more free time to devote to other ventures.

If you're wondering, this bandana is my wife's. I don't run triathlons

I’m constantly reminded at how fortunate my wife and I have been to have such amazing and healthy kids. Unfortunately not everyone is this fortunate and many families have to endure the emotional trauma of having to see their kids struggle with health issues.

I want to use my “platform” and existing network to help kids and families that are struggling with challenges that are hard for most of us to imagine. I want to use some of my time to give back and help as much as I can.

These kids deserve our help.

How can I donate?

I’m going to try and make it as easy as possible to help support the children’s hospital. You can donate in the following ways:

  1. Scroll down below and donate using the secure payment form below (secured by Square)
  2. Pledge a “per KM” amount in the comments below and settle up with your donation at the end of December
  3. Write a cheque
  4. Send an interact transfer to (password = kmforkids)
  5. Send Bitcoin to 18Uc2GSDKqy3hoaBEiHHrbZxyFjjSP6k3q
  6. Send Ethereum to 0x92e8e2c8e3e33b1ef8271964c3556bc6f542c2a3

How will this work?

I’ve thought about this a lot and I would imagine this could change as time goes on, however for the month of December (starting December 1st). I’m going to do my best to run as many KMs as I can for the full month. It may be challenging given the holidays and the fact that I will need to travel for a week, but I’ll do my best to crank out as many kilometers as I can.

I will pledge $5 per km myself and will be asking friends, family and my professional network to help me raise even more money for the kids. More on how you can donate to the kids below.

How many KMs do you think you’ll be able to run?

First, let me be very clear about something…

I am a very casual runner and I run about 5 kilometers 3 or 4 times a week. As you can see I’m certainly not a pro, but I will try to push myself for the month of December in an effort to help the kids as much as I can.

How I can support Phil and the kids?

Once again, this is very informal and it’s my first attempt at running such a campaign. That being said, any amount of money raised would be positive.

You can support the kids in 2 ways:

  1. Simply donate what you can using the donation form below and keep track of my progress as I try to run as many KMs for December.
  2. Pledge a per/km amount in the comments below. Once I’m done in December and know how many KMs I have completed you can make your final donation at the end of December.

Also, make sure to tell as many friends and family as you can. Let’s do our best to raise as much as we can for the kids! You can follow me and my progress on social media here using the hashtag #kmforkids

Also, if you have any questions at all I can be reached at or via phone or text to 250-661-9417.

Will 100% of the donated funds go to the kids?

Yes, absolutely. I will cover all the expenses of the website and donation tracker. 100% of donated funds will go to directly to the Children’s Hospital Foundation early in January once everything is properly calculated.

If I donate, will I receive a charitable tax receipt?

Given I am not a registered charity and I won’t be able to log each donation directly with the foundation, I will not be able to offer tax receipts.

That being said, because I will be donating the total amount raised personally I will ensure to calculate the tax benefit I receive from making the donation. I will then commit to further donating this amount just to ensure I don’t receive any economic benefit for organizing the campaign.

How will you be tracking your KMs?

I will be tracking my KMs using an Apple Watch and will post my progress on social media. Please follow my social media above and track my progress with the hashtag #KMforkids.

You will also be able to view my full progress on the following public spreadsheet.

Can I pledge a “per KM” amount instead of a lump sum?

Yes, absolutely. If you want to pledge instead of donating a lump sum amount please leave a comment below with the $ amount you want to pledge per KM. You can then donate the calculated total at the end of December (note: email addresses entered below in the comments do not show publicly).

Is this only going to be for the month of December?

Yes, for now I’m going to test this out for December. Given I also have a buggy knee I’ll need to see how it goes. Once the December running is completed I may do some additional challenges in the new year. Especially if I can get lots of support from friends, family and my network to help the kids.

Can I also run?

For sure, however I have no way currently to integrate anyone else into the donation system. If this does catch some traction I would like to allow other runners to be involved in the future. That would be awesome for the kids and their families! Check back after December for more options.



  1. Phil I think you are an amazing person. You are a community leader and someone I consider to be my very best friend and I am very proud of you for giving your time and your energy to help people you have never met. I have a motivational pledge for you. If you run under 100 kilometres this month for this fund raiser, I will pay you 250 dollars. If you run over 100 kilometres this month I will pay you 501 dollars. So get it done Phil, we are all in your corner and very proud of you

  2. Excellent cause Phil. Way to go. Sign me up for 5$/km and I hope you make me cringe by how much I have to pay at the end of December.

  3. We applaud you and your commitment for the kids. What a wonderful and generous way to focus your energy and enthusiasm! Thank you for being such an amazing role model for the community.


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