Live cross-border tax and investment Q&A – Episode 19


On episode #19 of Crossing the 49th Podcast we walk through some live cross-border tax and investment questions.


Topics discussed include:

0:00 Intro
5:24 US pensions and foreign tax credits
9:37 Claiming mortgage interest deduction
15:15 Inherited IRA and RRSP
17:19 US person and TFSAs in Canada
20:28 Re-adjust basis on investments after moving back to Canada
23:51 RRSP and IRAs for American in Canada
25:49 Departure tax and revaluation of investment cost basis
29:15 Inherited TOD account from the US (T1135 and T1142)
33:42 How to do my own cross-border tax returns
36:36 Sale of US property 8288 forms and withholdings
39:45 Selling house in Arizona and moving to Canada (foreign exchange conversion)
44:35 How to draw down investments as a US person living in Canada (401k, IRA, ROTH, investments)
47:06 Can I keep all my investments in the US
48:04 How to renew an expired ITIN
50:33 Taking CPP and/or US social security
51:55 List of comprehensive cross-border tax resources
55:03 Sell US investments before moving to Canada?
1:06:40 8833s and treaty election under Article XIII (7)
1:16:08 Thanks you for joining!

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Disclaimer: The information contained in this Podcast and YouTube video is for information purposes only and should not be construed as tax or financial planning advice. Tax and financial planning rules change from year to year and the information contained within may be outdated. Ensure to engage an experienced and competent tax and financial planner to help you with your tax and financial planning needs.


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