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On episode #5 of the Expat Tax and Financial Planning Podcast we discuss some options for Canadians holding US IRA accounts.

Whether you moved up to Canada with a pre-existing IRA or have inherited an IRA from a relative living in the US the following discussion should help you make a decision on what to do with your US IRA accounts.

Collapse the IRA and bring the money to Canada

  • A good option for small accounts
  • May work if your income is already low
  • Keeps things simple
  • 15% minimum tax for non-US citizens

Roll the IRA into a ROTH IRA

  • An option for Americans moving to Canada only
  • Works if your current tax rate is less than your future tax rate
  • Need Canadian ROTH election

Leave the IRA in the US

  • Simple option
  • Some US brokers can’t manage US IRAs for Canadians
  • Likely the US broker will not be able to take direction from Canadian clients
  • Foreign currency risk not properly managed
  • Most US brokers simply do not understand Canadian tax and financial planning

Transfer the IRA to an RRSP

  • Can help consolidate accounts
  • Works well for smaller accounts
  • Often suggested by Canadian investment advisors that cannot manage IRA accounts
  • Can only transfer approximately the amount of your Canadian source income for the year
  • May be able to eventually split RRIF payments
  • You’ll lose the ability to transfer IRA to beneficiaries tax-free

Transfer the IRA to a Canadian border with both a US and Canadian securities license.

  • Likely the best option for large accounts
  • Consolidate your investments in Canada for those moving to Canada permanently
  • Foreign currency risk can be managed
  • Co-ordinate planning with Canadian retirement accounts like RRSP and RRIF accounts
  • Non-spouse beneficiaries can inherit the IRA tax-free

Other issues to note about your IRA

  • Not reportable on form T1135
  • Cannot be split with spouse via pension split rules
  • Can only stretch IRA payments to beneficiaries up to 10 years
  • May be subject to US estate tax

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