Podcast Episode #1 – Moving your IRA to Canada

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Each year I help over 500 clients file their Canadian and US tax returns as well as plan for both their Canadian and US investment accounts. I also regularly help new US clients plan for their move to Canada.

Feel free to reach out via email at phil@philhogan.com or by phone or text here 250-661-9417.

Episode #1 – Moving your IRA to Canada – Cross Border Tax and Financial Planning Podcast

In this episode we discuss your options related to transferring your IRA or 401k to Canada. Options discussed include:

  • Withdrawing the IRA as a lump sum
  • Leaving the IRA in the US
  • Transferring the IRA to an RRSP
  • Converting the IRA to a Roth IRA (before moving to Canada)

For more information on Phil Hogan or to reach Phil directly please visit http://Hutheson.ca/phil

Email: phil@hutcheson.ca
Phone: 250-661-9417

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2 years ago

Hi Phil

Great podcast, just listened to most of it. I didn’t report my roth ira to ccra, any suggestions?