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Each year I help over 500 clients file their Canadian and US tax returns as well as plan for both their Canadian and US investment accounts. I also regularly help new US clients plan for their move to Canada.

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Tax Resources

Canada Revenue Agency – This is the official website of the Canada Revenue Agency. Here you’ll find information on tax reporting, due dates, forms and most everything else you’ll need for Canadian tax resources.

Internal Revenue Services – This is the official website of the Internal Revenue Service. Here you’ll find information on tax reporting, due dates, forms and most everything else you’ll need for US tax resources.

Canada-US Income Tax Treaty – Countries negotiate tax treaties with each other to ensure their residents do not pay tax twice on the same income to different countries. This is a link to the Canada-US tax treaty. This treaty deals with various sources of income including pension income, capital gains, employment income, business income, interest income and alike. – One of the oldest and most complete Canadian tax resources online, is a great resource for anyone looking to brush up on Canadian tax topics or simply to do research.

Social Security Administration – Information on Social Security payments and and benefits calculation information including links to contact information.

Canadian immigration site – Canada’s official immigration site packed with guidance on current immigration programs and information.

US Taxes in Canada – A comprehensive guide to filing US taxes as an American in Canada. Including required forms and potential required calculations and disclosures.

Cross Border Tax Blogs – Shameless plug here, however if you’re looking for information on cross-border tax and financial planning issues this site had a lot of articles on the topic.

Phil Hodgen blog – Phil’s tax blog is a great resource for all things cross border. If you’re doing research on a Canadian/US tax issue Phil’s blog has some great content on the subject.

Cross-Border Wealth Management Blog – The crew at Beacon Hill Wealth Management posts on various cross-border investment issues including client Q and As.

Expat Groups and Communities

Americans in Canada Facebook Group – With over 6,100 members this group aimed at Americans living in Canada or those thinking of moving to Canada is a great resources and full of highly engaged members.

Democrats Abroad – Democrats abroad is an organization formed around a community of Democrats living outside of the US. You can visit a link to the Canadian chapter here.

If you’re a Canadian CPA don’t forget to check out our new Canadian CPA Careers Reddit community.


Coming soon – Estate tax calculator, substantial presence calculator, Canadian tax calculator and other.



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