Top 10 Expat Tax Questions – Expat Tax Podcast


On episode #4 of the Expat Tax and Financial Planning Podcast we discuss some of the most asked questions I get from clients regarding cross-border tax and financial planning issues.

The top questions discussed on this podcast include:

  1. As a US citizen in Canada do I have to file US taxes?
  2. What is an FBAR?
  3. How do I report my US assets?
  4. What is the Canadian tax filing deadline?
  5. What is the US filing deadline?
  6. Can I own Canadian mutual funds as a US citizen in Canada?
  7. Can I transfer my US retirement accounts to Canada?
  8. What if I’m a US citizen living in Canada and have not filed US tax returns?
  9. Is my US stimulus payment taxable in Canada?
  10. Can I file jointly in Canada with my spouse?

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Disclaimer: The information contained in this Podcast and YouTube video is for information purposes only and should not be construed as tax or financial planning advice. Tax and financial planning rules change from year to year and the information contained within may be outdated. Ensure to engage an experienced and competent tax and financial planner to help you with your tax and financial planning needs.


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