Trump Tax Returns


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Update: On Friday the House and ways committee released Trump’s 2015 to 2020 Federal 1040 income tax returns (jackets only). You can read through the detailed Trump Tax personal tax returns here and his detailed business tax returns here.

On Tuesday, the House Ways and Means Committee voted to make six years’ worth of Donald Trump’s tax returns available to the public. The committee, which is controlled by Democrats, passed the measure 24 to 16. Representative Richard E. Neal, the chairman of the committee, said that the decision was not intended to be punitive and praised the members for ensuring that no sensitive information was leaked.

To read a detailed review of Trump’s Tax returns please click here.

The ranking member, Republican Representative Kevin Brady, was critical of the decision, arguing that the public release of the documents had nothing to do with the stated purpose of assessing the I.R.S. presidential audit program. The documents are expected to be made public in a few days, after necessary personal information, such as Social Security numbers, has been redacted.

The documents will provide an updated look at Trump’s finances, which have been the subject of an I.R.S. audit since the New York Times revealed in 2020 that he had paid no federal income taxes in 11 of 18 years.

Once the 6 years of Trump tax returns are released they will be available here. Please check back for more details.


  1. I’m absolutely appalled that Trump has been able to get away with not paying taxes for so long. It’s been revealed that he only paid $750 in taxes in 2016 and 2017, which is disgraceful. He has the money to pay his fair share, but he chooses not to. This is a clear violation of the law and he should be held accountable. It’s time for Trump to go to jail for failing to pay his taxes.

  2. As a Republican, I am deeply concerned about the ramifications of Donald Trump’s tax returns being released. It is clear that the potential for embarrassment and scandal is high, and it would be in the best interests of the party for Trump to remove himself as the Republican nominee. It would be a difficult decision, but it is the only way to ensure that the Republican Party is not tarnished by this situation.

  3. I don’t think the release of Trump’s tax returns is a big deal. He’s already released a financial disclosure report, which is just as important. It’s not like he’s hiding anything. I think the people asking for this are just trying to make a political statement.


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