When are my cross-border tax returns due? 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 – Ep.24


On episode #23 of Crossing the 49th Podcast we discuss When are my cross-border tax returns due? 


Extended Summary of the Podcast: In the episode of “Crossing the 49th,” host Phil Hogan delves deep into the intricacies of cross-border tax and financial planning, specifically tailored for Americans residing in Canada. The episode kicks off with Phil emphasizing the distinction between personal cross-border tax deadlines and corporate ones, ensuring listeners are clear about the episode’s focus.

Phil provides a comprehensive breakdown of the tax deadlines for both countries. For Canadians, the tax return deadline is April 30th of the year following the calendar year. Meanwhile, for Americans, the deadline is a bit earlier on April 15th. He underscores the importance of adhering to these deadlines to avoid potential complications.

However, Phil acknowledges that sometimes, meeting these deadlines can be challenging. To assist those in such predicaments, he delves into the various extensions available. For instance, Canadians who are self-employed, or whose spouses are, have until June 15th to file their returns. However, they must ensure any owed taxes are paid by April 30th to avoid accruing interest. On the American side, there’s an automatic extension to June 15th for those living outside the US, like in Canada. Beyond that, there’s an option to further extend the deadline to October 15th using Form 4868.

The podcast also touches on the topic of the F Bar, a form that Phil suggests should be filed as early as possible, preferably before the April 15th deadline. He emphasizes the risks associated with pushing this deadline and advises listeners to be proactive in their approach.

As the episode progresses, Phil delves into the challenges faced by those who might not have all the necessary documents, such as K1s from Partnerships and LLCs, by the October deadline. He introduces a potential strategy for such individuals, which involves writing to the IRS to request an extension to December 15th. However, he cautions that this should be a last resort and not a regular practice.

In his closing thoughts, Phil reiterates the importance of staying organized, proactive, and responsive, especially when working with a CPA. He encourages listeners to avoid procrastination and to ensure they have all the necessary documents and information ready for a smooth tax filing process. He wraps up the episode by inviting listeners to reach out with any questions and to explore more resources on his website and YouTube channel.

If you need personalized advice or have questions, reach out to Phil directly at phil@philhogan.com.

Stay tuned for more episodes and insights from “Crossing the 49”!

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